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Hai Street Kitchen Wants to Sell You Cheesesteak Sushi

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Hai Street Kitchen, a fast-casual sushi concept in the vein of Chipotle (think customizable, "burrito-sized" maki), will open in Rittenhouse Square on Thursday, May 22. But we've got the menu now—and that menu has an option for a flank steak roll featuring "Philly cheese sauce" and sauteed onions. (It also includes romaine lettuce, asparagus, and red cabbage, all wrapped up in a neat rice-and-nori package.)

The menu's pretty light on tradition in general, and there's plenty of "fusion" across the board (tomatillo salsa and green papaya salad are just a few filling options). It's also worth noting that although there are six set combinations to choose from, you can also go down the line and dream up your own combos (in roll or bowl formats). That means that you can actually smother any of your sushi-inspired concoctions in cheese sauce. Dare to dream, people.

NB: If you want to try cheesesteak-inspired sushi but aren't quite ready to commit to paying out of pocket for it, Hai Street plans to open up one day early (Wednesday, May 21) and give away one free roll to anyone who shows up.

Hai Street Kitchen, May 2014

Hai Street Kitchen

32 S. 18th St., Philadelphia PA