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Ramen Rumbles at Cheu; Headhouse Market Guide

WASH SQUARE WEST — Back in April, in the midst of a highly entertaining interview with the guys from Cheu Noodle Bar, they mentioned an upcoming series of "ramen battles" they had planned. Now they've announced the first one, which will go down at 6 p.m. on Monday, May 19, pitting Will's Chris Kearse against Time's Sean Magee. $25 gets you a mini-bowl of ramen from each chef, a beer, and a ballot. [Cheu/Twitter]

HEADHOUSE SQUARE — Now that the Headhouse farmer's market is back in season, you might find yourself needing a game plan. Luckily, Zagat Philly put together an exhaustive interactive map of all the vendors (complete with specific suggestions on what to buy) to help you out. [Zagat]

CHeU noodle bar

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