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Piers and Beers in Pennsport; Divine Lofts in G-Ho

Sanctuary Lofts in G-Ho.
Sanctuary Lofts in G-Ho.
Rendering via Barzilay Development

PENNSPORTPlans for a walkable business complex featuring local craft brewery, Mellody Brewing Company, were presented in Pennsport this week. While neighbors were pretty vocal about parking, the plans looks to add seven smaller businesses that will mainly service the nearby community and promote walking, biking and public transit.

PHILADELPHIAWe recently mapped all of the iconic signs throughout the city. While some of them make the skyline and others define the character of the 'hood, all of them are special in their own way. Did we miss any big ones?

PENNSPORT/QUEEN VILLAGEThe Delaware River Waterfront Corporation gave us a sneak peek at the construction efforts at Pier 53 near Washington Avenue and Columbus Boulevard. The new public park looks to be open sometime this summer and will highlight the incredible history and ecology found on the abandoned pier. Check out the pictures!

GRADUATE HOSPITAL Sanctuary Lofts is now in the pre-leasing phase at the former Saint Anthony of Padua/Greater Saint Matthew Baptist Church in G-Ho. The iconic church is most recognizable by its large clock tower, which sits high above Grays Ferry Avenue and overlooks Naval Square. We've got all the details, including renderings, right here!

ART MUSEUMWhat the heck is Frank Gehry thinking with his proposal to cut a large chunk of the Rocky Steps in order to make way for a window and amphitheater? It's part of the museum's $350M expansion and renovation efforts, but we ask, what do you think of the plan to carve up the iconic steps? Take the poll!
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