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Smoke & Spice Cocktail Pop-Up Promises 'Brisket Ice'

Tomorrow night, July 11, pop-up cocktail collective You've Changed is taking over Prime Stache for a night of 'Smoke & Spice' themed drinks. (You may remember their debut pop-up this spring, which was Mad Libs-themed.) And maybe it's just because we have meat on the brain right now, but we perked up when we saw the words "smoked brisket ice" in the description of one of the drinks to be featured.

Often, meat in and around cocktails is a stomach-turning gimmick. But this brisket ice is a sight more subtle: Anna Henderer, who's organizing these pop-up along with fellow Ranstead Room bartenders Brian Kruglak and Derek Moorer, tells us that they simply place pans of water in the oven while brisket is being cooked, so that the water picks up some of the smoky, meaty aroma. Once frozen, she says, the cubes work well in all kinds of cocktails.

We'll update with the full menu once they've finalized it, but for now, Henderer passed along a few definites, one of which includes squid ink and sriracha:

· Three amigos: reposado tequila, mescal & aztec chocolate bitters

· 20,000 leagues: egg white, lemon, gin, squid ink, salt & sriracha

· Smoked Honey Bee: lemon, honey, spiced rum & shaken with smoked brisket ice

All cocktails will go for $11 — or, for an extra dollar, you can opt to smoke a classic Old-fashioned or Manhattan with your choice of wood (including applewood and mesquite), or ask them to whip up a custom smoky and/or spicy cocktail to your tastes.

The pop-up starts at 6 p.m. tomorrow, July 11.

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Prime Stache

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