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Inside Abandoned Lynnewood Hall; Drones Over Philly

Inside Lynnewood Hall.
Inside Lynnewood Hall.
Photo: Austin H./VSCO

ELKINS PARK — Stunning news broke this week when historic Lynnewood Hall, a sprawling estate in Montgomery County designed by Horace Trumbauer, hit the market at $20M. Many of you lamented the fact that you've never been inside the Gilded Age beauty and very few color photos of the interior exist — except for the fact that Curbed's got your back. Check out the ruinporn right this way.

PHILADELPHIA — A tweet from @PennFuture scared the crap out of us yesterday when they mentioned most of the western part of Center City is in something they dubbed an 'Oil Bomb Train Blast Zone.' Activists were in town to shed some light on crude oil shipping and the use of so-called "Pepsi-can Trains" that can puncture easily upon impact. Check the map here.

ELFRETH'S ALLEY — We take our latest Real Estate Deathmatch to Old City as three (!) houses are on the market on the Oldest Residential Street in the country. Which one would you choose? Check out the listing and hit up our poll here!

CENTER CITY — We know you love you some development-, sky-, and Philly-porn. That's why we've featured some absolutely breathtaking photographs and video of Philadelphia. Here's the catch — they're all taken by drone! Check out the amazing shots and video over here.