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The Vintage Kitchenwares Motherlode; Avance to Stay Put

ROXBOROUGH — Vintage kitchen appliances and accessories are absolutely crammed onto the shelves of Kitch-n Collectibles in Roxborough, according to these droolworthy pictures from our sister site, Racked Philly. Chrome blenders, Mickey Mouse juice glasses, kitschy salt and pepper shakers, Sunbeam juicers, harvest gold and avocado Tupperware — it's all there, and then there's still so much more. [Racked Philly]

RITTENHOUSE — Good news for Avance: they're not getting evicted from 1523 Walnut — or at least not yet. That was the threat they faced from their new landlords after Georges Perrier last month lost ownership of the legendary former home of Le Bec-Fin. Now, that eviction attempt has been put on hold, reports Michael Klein. []

HEADHOUSE — This Saturday, the Dog Days of Summer Hot Dog Cook-Off returns for its third year. 20 restaurants and food trucks will compete to see who can make the best dog, and there's an amateur competition, too. Admission is free if you'd like to pay as you go (for hot dogs, beer, and other goodies), or you can grab $30 VIP tickets that net you early admission and a bunch of food and drink tickets. Full details and ticket links are here. [EaterWire]
[Photo: Julie Davis/Racked Philly]