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Vote for Philly's Best Dog Park; What's Legodelphia?

Top: <a href="">Market Street Dog Run</a>, <a href="">Palmer Doggie Depot</a>, M
Top: Market Street Dog Run, Palmer Doggie Depot, M

OUTDOORS WEEK 2014All this week, we've been featuring some of the incredibly amazing outdoorsy listings, rentals, parks and cool down jawns this city has to offer. Our friends over at Eater even made us a handy outdoor dining map you're definitely going to want to bookmark. Seriously, we don't care what you do this weekend, just make sure it's outside! Voting is now open for Philly's Best Dog Park - so hit it up!

NORTH BROAD— Developer extraordinaire Eric Blumenfeld recently dished on some new details for The Divine Lorraine Hotel. We broke the news that he is looking to restore the behemoth on Broad Street to its former glory as a hotel, but now there's video inside and a better idea of Blumenfeld's vision.

OLD CITY — Two mega-projects are making some noise again. Renaissance Plaza is looking to bring over 1,300 apartment to the Delaware River Waterfront, but needs a little more parking. Within Old City proper, 205 Race Street, a project that was all but killed for blocking a billboard, it giving it another go with its 142 apartment high rise complex.

CENTER CITY — Have you ever imagined crafting the City of Philadelphia entirely out of Lego? Well, it's too late, pal! Levi Buffem has created Legodelphia and it's awesome!