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Mapping 'Summertime' Spots; Peek Inside Fishtown's 'Ghost Sign House'

The map you didn't know you always wanted!
The map you didn't know you always wanted!

PHILADELPHIA (c.1991) — Don't lie to us now, we know you're favorite warm-weather jam is Summertime from DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince. We mapped all the places Will and Jazz go throughout the video, include The Belmont Plateau, Boathouse Row, and so many more awesome Philly spots.

FISHTOWN — You'd never imagine what a few construction workers found while doing a rehab job inside a Fishtown rowhome. Typically maps, newspaper or coins are found inside old houses. This time, it was an enormous relic of Philadelphia major garment-making past. Click here to see pics from inside what workers have dubbed "The Ghost Sign House."

CENTER CITY — Renderings for the new Mormon apartment tower were released this week as the project, which includes a meetinghouse/chapel, heads to Civic Design Review. Plans call for a 32-story highrise at 1601 Vine. Check out more here.

PHILADELPHIA — Have you seen the #PhillyHomePortrait on Instagram? We've got an exclusive interview with the two dudes behind the hashtag where we discuss their tools of the trade, what goes into picking the perfect shot and how in the hell they get so many likes per post. Here's the interview with Billy Cress and Austin Hodges.

GAYBORHOODThe Letto Deli is not long for this world as plans are in place to demolish the mid-century modern lean-to on 13th and Chancellor Street. Sylva Senat, formerly of Tashan, is planning a restaurant in the space, although it's too early to say what will eventually replace the standout building. More details, including old pics, are this way.

MARKET EAST — Does all of this new investment of major cash make you a believer in The Gallery? A Century 21 is planning to open sometime in October. Take our quick poll and let your opinion be heard!

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