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The Early Word on Mike Solomonov's Dizengoff

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Dizengoff, the hot new hummusiya from the CookNSolo team (Zahav, Percy Street, FedNuts), has now been up and running for just under a week, even if it feels like we've already been talking about it for eons. The buzz in this case hasn't been limited to the usual local blog suspects, either — Mike Solo's latest caught early attention from outlets including Grubstreet and Tablet magazine.

Suffice it to say, there's been no shortage of hype surrounding this place, and now we finally get to see what everyone really thinks. Here, we've gathered the highlights, from what people are saying about the food, to intel on waits and sell-outs, to what people from Brooklyn have to say about all of this (because they always have something to add).

The Good News: Dizengoff has so far racked up ten reviews on Yelp, including six five-star reviews, with an overall rating of 4.5 stars. The food overwhelmingly steals the show for most Yelpers — especially the pita, variously described as "crazy good," "perfection," "so good that you could eat it plain," and "one of the best pitas I've ever tasted."

The Pitaless Two-Star News: Not everyone has had such good pita luck, though. The one negative review posted so far begins with the assertion that, "It would be an understatement to say this place has a few kinks to work out." Namely, no pita was included in their to-go order, and a subsequent request to be made whole was met with "an odd look" from an employee. Insult to injury: the hummus was "mediocre."

dizsoldout.jpgThe Sell-Out News: Much like sibling Federal Donuts before it, Dizengoff has been subject to daily sell-outs, almost since they opened their doors. While their stated hours run until 8 p.m., they say they've sold out by 3 p.m. each day this week.

One Yelp review mentions that the lamb hummus (said to be the most popular item on the menu) was already sold out by 12:15 p.m. Here's a guy who seemingly came up from Delaware just to find them sold out.

The Long Line News: All that demand translates to lines while they are still open, of course. But take heart: "TOTALLY worth the wait," determines one enthusiastic new fan on Twitter.

Of course, that's probably up for you to decide for yourself. So how long should you expect that wait to be? Surely it will depend on when you show up, but all in all it doesn't sound too onerous: "Long line that only took 11m from back of line to food in hand," reports one Instagrammer. One Yelp review estimated about 20 minutes, while another describes a "long lunch line that moves fast." Even the most critical of the Yelpers (of the aforementioned two-star review) cites "at least 15 minutes" to order and another ten minutes to get your food, for a grand total of maybe 25 minutes. (Whether or not you'll be able to score a table is much more in question.)

The Brooklynite Insight: Lines? Sell-outs? Hype? Pffffffft, says Saveur editor Keith Pandolfi (not a direct quote). "Sorry, Philly, " he tweets, "Brooklyn's had you beat on this front for a while now. #mimishummus". But hey, it's cute that we tried, though, right?

The Chowhound News: "Deez-en-who?"

The #highlyrecommended News: Honestly, you'd be hard-pressed so far to find much negative opinion on Dizengoff. All across social media, people seemingly can't wait to share food porn-y shots and praise. Here's just a small sampling:
· #highlyrecommended
· The #salads were incredible, too!
· Hummus looming (ominously?) over Love Park
· It's hummus heaven!
· A star-studded first-look lunch
· Hummus+Lamb+Fluffy Pita = ❤️ (It's just simple math.)
· We were just so happy to eat all the things

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1625 Sansom St., Philadelphia PA 19102