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Jose Garces Moving Into New Dilworth Park; Tavern on the Green 2.0, Reviewed

CITY HALLJose Garces will play a major part in the new Dilworth Park, as announced at a press conference this morning. Curbed Philly has all the details on the park, which opens on Thursday, September 4 at 11 a.m. While the cafe will not be fully complete on day one, we can look forward to an indoor-outdoor spin-off of Rosa Blanca, serving a familiar menu of breakfast, pastries, empanadas, and Cubanos. Huge bonus: the cafe will also have a liquor license, allowing it to sell booze after 5 p.m. [Curbed Philly]

NEW YORK CITYTavern on the Green 2.0 (revamped this year by Philly's Jim Caiola and David Salama of Beau Monde Creperie, which was weird) gets a review from Eater critic Ryan Sutton today, as part of Eater NY's Shitshow Week. And if that last bit doesn't paint the picture well enough, well, let's let the headline do the talking: Tavern on The Green Is a Bad Restaurant. [-ENY-]
Shown: Rosa Blanca site at Dilworth Park, as it looks today. [Photo: James Jennings/Curbed Philly]