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Did the Philly Police Leak Dîner En Blanc's Location?

Last year's event.
Last year's event.
Photo: Sean Corbett

Oops: Philebrity is reporting that the Philly Police blog issued a traffic alert yesterday specifically for tonight's premiere pop-up picnic panic, Dîner en Blanc. The alert, though no longer found on the Philly PD site, still shows up in Google's cache, and specifies "Broad Street between Pine Street & Chestnut Street."


It's worth noting that Philebrity is the main media sponsor for Dîner en Noir, this year's new alternative to Dîner en Blanc. (Well, one of the alternatives. Dîner en Sweatpants, anyone?) Did their tipster spend all night googling "dîner en blanc + [random combo of streets]" or have some previous knowledge that led them to go hunting for info on Dîner en Blanc at that location? Is this even the real location? We'll all find out the answer to at least one of those questions around 7 p.m. tonight, rain or shine.
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