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Build a Canal On Broad Street; Conshy Goes Glitzy

Welcome to Curbed Cuts, a selection of the top real estate and development stories from our sister site, Curbed Philly.
Yeah, that's Evo's soon-to-be-awesome view and pool. [via Campus Crest]

SOUTH BROAD — It's time to dream big, people — like, put a canal in the middle of South Broad Street, big. What do you think; could it work? The picture is convincing!

CONSHY — Keystone Property Group released some gorgeous renderings of what a Gensler-designed One Conshohocken project would look like. Plans include a hotel, retail and a brewpub for the old Washington Fire House. Here are all the details.

DILWORTH PARK — Paul Levy of the Center City District released the plans for the opening of the exciting new Dilworth Park at City Hall. The fountain was turned on and the plans are ambitious, including a Rosa Blanca themed cafe with outdoor seating and a liquor license from chef Jose Garces. We've got all of the details.

U CITYEvo, the nation's tallest student housing property, is officially move-in ready. However, the top five floors are still undergoing construction — that includes the infinity pool and two-story fitness center. It will be ready by September 1st.

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