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Here's What You Missed at Dîner en Blanc

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[All Photos: Dan McKay/Eater Philly]

About 3,500 people decked in white descended on Broad Street last evening — confirming yesterday's leak — to partake of Philadelphia's third annual Dîner en Blanc. Those lucky enough to attend the pop-up picnic had to deal with a frustrating — hellish might be a more appropriate descriptor — registration process, a citywide white table/chair shortage, and the threat of thunderstorms.

Amongst other objections, the traffic situation created by the unannounced shutdown of several blocks of Broad Street was a common complaint from non-attendees on social media. (Perhaps the Philly PD should've left that traffic alert up after all.) Although:

(Note: There were actually Mummers there, too.)

In the end, tables were found, the weather held out, and, as always, the event did create some memorable photo opportunities — this year set against the picturesque backdrop of City Hall. Here are some of Eater's shots from the evening – for anyone looking to avoid work today, the hashtag #DEBPHL14 has countless others.

— Dan McKay

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