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This Shark-Topped Cocktail Is Too Good for This World

[Photo: Sancho Pistola's/Twitter]

What you are looking at here may be proof that the universe (or at least Sancho Pistola's) doesn't want us to be happy. That is to say, we've been told that the perfect, precious cocktail shown here — dubbed the Shark Shart (for real) — is one that you probably cannot actually have. Sancho's posted a photo of the pinnacle of cocktail-garnish achievement last night. But as their ever-jocular rep tells us (referencing this year's lime prices), "My understanding is that it was a joke... That would be like a $25 drink!" Many news outlets, suspiciously, reported back in May that lime prices were back to normal.

"Is it Shark Week?" asked one Twitter follower. "I dunno. It is now," came the reply. (For the record: Shark Week starts on the Discovery Channel on August 10, and the live version at Camden's Adventure Aquarium begins on August 9.)

Officially, of course, we cannot condone anyone storming the Sancho's bar and demanding hand-carved lime sharks.
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Sancho Pistola's

19 W. Girard Ave., Philadelphia PA