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Delicious Apple-Picking Map; Awesome Houses for Sale

The week's top real estate and development news from our sister site, Curbed Philly.

PHILADELPHIA REGION — It's basically fall here in Philadelphia. What better way to enjoy the season that go out on an apple pickin' adventure? We need not remind you that APPLE CIDER DONUTS are play here as well. Here's the map! (And here's Hotpads' map of bike shops as well.)

COMCAST WIRE — Gensler was chosen to design the interior of the new Comcast Innovation and Technology Center. What does it mean for the multi-story slides?

ERASERHOOD — With David Lynch back in town, we try to figure out who the hell coined the term Eraserhood?

$500K CLUB — Looking for a house in the region of a half-a-mil? We've picked out a few listings that hit that exact number. Which one fits your style (and budget) best? You choose!

MALVERN/QUEEN VILLAGE — The houses of two notable Philadelphia architects recently hit the market. Vincent Kling's (Municipal Services Building and Dilworth Plaza) gorgeous suburban farmhouse estate is up for the gawking, so too is Cecil Baker's amazing Candy Factory Court.

· Curbed Philly [philly.curbed]

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