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Experience the Bounty of Connecticut Wine Country

Fall is officially present in the Northeastern states, meaning there is no better time to sip a delightful glass of wine fresh from the vine while enjoying crisp foliage views present on Connecticut's Wine Trail. From full-bodied Cabernet Francs to dry Rieslings, there's a wine for every taste across the state. The Connecticut Department of Agriculture now lists 32 vineyards and farm wineries on its website.

Interested in attending more wine related events? Head to the 2nd Annual CT Wine Festival, September 26-28 in Durham, or dine at Chamard Vineyards - its Farm Winery Bistro featured a French-inspired farm-to-table menu that compliments the vineyard offerings. Book a weekend adventure now, and be sure to pick up the ‘Passport to Connecticut Farm Wineries' - members of the CT Wine Trail will be entered to wine a suite of amazing prizes.

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