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Brigantessa's Debut Is Just Two Weeks Away

One of fall's very biggest openings, the new southern Italian forneria (and AVPN-certified pizzeria) from the Le Virtù team, is finally just around the corner.


At long last, the debut of Brigantessa is in sight. The sophomore effort from the team behind Le Virtù will center around a wood-fired oven and custom grill to spotlight rustic dishes like roasted meats and AVPN-certified pizza — and according to their most recent social media activity, they're already into training mode and plan to go live on OpenTable on October 8. Chef and co-owner Joe Cicala told us they'll be accepting a limited number of reservations at first to ease in.

As shown in the picture above (tweeted yesterday evening by P.A.R.C.), the extensive exterior work is mostly finished. For comparison, here are the early renderings:

The interior was also fully gutted. If you haven't been following along so far, you can catch up on some of the eye-catching menu testing via Instagram.