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Lo Spiedo's Floor Just Showed Up All Other Philly Floors

Could the long-protracted wait for Lo Spiedo be blamed solely on intricate tilework? Probably not, but damn, that's a nice floor.

If it feels like Lo Spiedo, Marc Vetri's rotisserie project at the Navy Yard, has been taking forever, ask yourself this: How long would it take you to lay this floor?

OK, not really; we assume they had a professional on the case who likely got it done in a reasonable amount of time. In reality, it's been about 15 months since the project (f.k.a. "The Brig") was first announced, though it seems longer. (If you're playing catch-up, get up to speed on Lo Spiedo here.)

While we wait, let's talk about what really matters: This floor and how pretty it is. Weigh in below with our highly scientific poll.

Lo Spiedo, Building 500 at the Navy Yard, 4500 S. Broad St.