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Highlights of Philly's Late-Night Food Scene

A handful of local writers venture out after last call to find the best of our sparse (non-cheesesteak) late-night options.

The dining scene in this city after 2 a.m. is hardly an embarrassment of riches, but this week's City Paper cover story is devoted to rounding up the best of what's out there. They sent four writers out into the night and challenged them to fight through their presumably inebriated haze to report back on their findings.

So what did they find? Pancake sundaes, dumpling sauce that "should go straight to the Chinese Restaurant Condiment Hall of Fame," grilled baby steak and butter salt tendons served alongside karaoke, and hot dogs "worthy of a moment’s contemplation before casting them into the gullet gallows of gastric acids and Midori sours." Go, read, and head into your weekend prepared.