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At Abe Fisher, An Instant Classic on Par With Zahav's Lamb Shoulder

According to Food Republic, a signature dish at Abe Fisher has all the markings of potential cult status.

Eater Philly

When you're making your plans to try Abe Fisher, the eclectic Jewish newbie from CookNSolo, you'll want to make sure you're bringing a group. Food Republic's Matt Rodbard made an early visit to the restaurant, and while "most of the dishes hit the mark," there was one in particular that stood out.

This dish changed the way I think about smoked beef.The Montreal-style smoked short rib (one of two large format meals on the menu, priced at $120 for four people) was so good that Rodbard declares that the CookNSolo team has themselves "a new pomegranate lamb shoulder on [their] hands."

It's a bold statement, given that Rodbard opens the writeup by putting forward his belief that the shoulder — Zahav's signature — was already "reason to visit Philadelphia alone." Now, he says, there are at least two.

Check out the full article for a more in-depth look at how the restaurant pulls off the dish's quirky prep.

Abe Fisher

1623 Sansom Street, , PA 19103 (215) 867-0088 Visit Website