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Here Come David Lynch-Inspired Doughnuts

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Federal Donuts will soon launch a special collection of "Lynchian doughnuts" to coincide with PAFA's David Lynch: The Unified Field, the first major museum exhibition of Lynch's work in the U.S. (Lynch is an alum of PAFA — "a dark building set in the soot of Philadelphia," in the words of HuffPo.) The special flavors will debut in mini form at the exhibit's opening reception on September 12, and will begin appearing in rotation at all four FedNuts stores beginning on September 13.

As anyone who's watched even one episode of Twin Peaks probably knows, Lynch is fiercely reverent of coffee, doughnuts, pie, and the classic American coffee shops that serve them. (If you haven't seen it, check out the supercut.) That fixation explains three of the four new fancies: Good Coffee, Cherry Pie (which may disappoint if it's anything short of a miracle), and Chocolate Malted. The actual flavor of the fourth, Blue Velvet, remains something of a mystery.

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