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Phyllis Stein-Novack Really Hates Morgan's Pier

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Photo: Morgan's Pier

Local treasure and critic Phyllis Stein-Novack filed on Morgan's Pier this week, giving us all two gifts in one: The image of Stein-Novack and husband Edward amid the waterfront nightclub scene, and a heap of cringeworthy jabs. "This was the worst meal I have had all year," she flatly concludes, before doling out just one-half of a toque-tip to the seasonal hotspot.

How did it come to that? "Bland and greasy" fried cauliflower, the "worst potato salad [she] ever tasted," and "strange" elotes all populated a menu that "Groucho Marx would mish-mash." Edward's ubiquitous martini "looked strange in its small plastic cup."

An "inedible" tomato salad — "If they were heirloom tomatoes, I'm the Queen of Sheba" — certainly didn't help, but the real "travesty of the night" was the burger:

The patty, probably frozen, was about one-thirty-seventh of an inch thick. It was dark brown gray inside and overly salty. Topped with American cheese, red onions, a slice of tomato and some Bibb lettuce, the creation leads me to say I have had better burgers at McDonald's.

The fries, it should be noted, were "OK."
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Morgan's Pier

221 N. Columbus Blvd., Philadelphia PA

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