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Eagles' LeSean McCoy Left a 20-Cent Tip at PYT

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And Tommy Up didn't waste any time posting the proof online.

Photo: PYT/Facebook

Stunt-burger specialists PYT just shared this photo, showing a 20-cent tip left on a $61.56 tab. "That is a 0.3% tip. New record!" they write — and it would be bad enough no matter who left the dismal tip, but the name on the card is that of Philadelphia Eagles star running back LeSean McCoy.

Owner Tommy Up says McCoy was at PYT for about an hour this afternoon with three other people. We've yet to hear McCoy's side of the story, but Up says that while McCoy's group was "very difficult," there were "no problems with service."

"We were all excited because the Eagles won last night and our server, Rob, is a huge fan," Up told us. "He was really perplexed by the tip and was really down about it."

UPDATED 9/8: While some early doubts about the authenticity of the receipt have been raised, reporter Les Bowen (who covers the Eagles for the Daily News) has tweeted that he has spoken with McCoy, who told him "It's bullshit, man" — though without elaboration, the remark could technically be taken either way. Bowen took it as a confirmation, however, adding: "My understanding is, he was really ticked about service. But org [i.e., the Eagles] wishes he'd handled it differently."

UPDATED 9/9: Up has published a much longer account of the incident from PYT's point of view on Facebook. "While I'd like to apologize to Mr. McCoy, I cannot in good conscience do so. I stand by my actions one hundred percent," says the owner, who adds the decision to post the receipt was entirely his own, and not server Rob Knelly's.


Here's the order, also provided by Up. (A seafood burger without a bun might make more sense to those crying foul on the premise that a professional athlete wouldn't eat at the home of the Twinkie-bun cheeseburger.)


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