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Lickety Split Gets the Bar Rescue Treatment

A longtime South Street staple has gotten a full makeover, and now the show is moving on to another spot to do it all over again.

Spike TV's Bar Rescue, headed up by gruff host Jon Taffer, has been in town for almost a week now. Over the weekend, they revealed a new look and name (or, more accurately, a pair of names) for South Street's Lickety Split.

The second floor of the former Lickety Split (where signs in the windows not-so-subtly declare "Taffer Was Here") is now known as 2nd State Lounge, while the downstairs bar is going by Alleged Pizza. (As one astute Foobooz commenter pointed out, the latter seems to be setting the bar up to walk right into an obvious joke: "What is that you ordered?" "I don't know... allegedly, it's pizza," goes the comment.)

The reveal was made on Saturday, September 6, after about five days of work, according to this profile from Michael Klein. The crew then moved on to work on a second area bar. (Foobooz reports that Taffer and crew were spotted at Plush in Glenside). The Lickety Split episode of Bar Rescue will air during the upcoming fourth season, which premieres in early October.
[Photo: @jkenney1392/Twitter]

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2nd State/Alleged Bar & Pizza

401 South St., Philadelphia PA