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February at Zahav Means Wall-to-Wall Pomegranate Lamb Shoulder

The demand for the de facto signature dish has reached critical levels.


As national attention for Mike Solomonov and his flagship Zahav hits fever pitch, one dish just keeps coming up: the pomegranate lamb shoulder with chickpeas. More than a few food writers have put it in the running for Philly's very best restaurant dish. There's just one problem: it's a high-maintenance feast and can be a bit of a pain in the ass. It's not an entree on the regular menu, but part of the Mesibah tasting, and can only really be guaranteed for larger parties. It takes days to make, and they always run out.

If you've not yet lucked into a chance to try the much raved-about dish, the restaurant has some surprising news you should be stoked about: They're becoming a Lamb Shack for three weeks in February. In fact, if you're somehow not into lamb, you're out of luck, because it's all lamb shoulder, all the time from February 6 to 28. (One exception: If you're vegetarian, they promise they'll fix you something else to distract yourself with while your dining partners gorge on the main attraction.)

For those three weeks, the only thing on the menu will be a $36-per-person prix fixe including hummus tehina and pita; a selection of vegetarian salatim; "whomping hunks" (that's an officially sanctioned portion size) of pomegranate lamb shoulder with chickpeas and crusty Persian rice; and chocolate konafi for dessert.

During the Lamb Shack's reign, the restaurant is also allowing BYOB with no corkage — and they've taken themselves offline on OpenTable for those nights, so you'll have to call to reserve a spot.


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