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Big Gay Help Wanted Ad Pops Up on Craigslist

Tentative hiring moves begin for what's sure to be Philly's most fabulous soft-serve shop.

Big Gay Ice Cream

Time to start padding those résumés: Big Gay Ice Cream is looking for a manager for their first Philly shop, forthcoming at SouthStar lofts. "If you have a passion for frozen treats" (got it) — and at least a couple years of relevant experience, all your certifications in order, and an ability to "exhibit grace under pressure" (damn) — owners Bryan Petroff and Doug Quint "would love to get to know you."

When last we checked in with the project, they were still in the early stages of framing. A photo posted with the ad (above) shows them in the slightly-more-advanced stages of framing. Because opening is not exactly imminent, the ad is careful not to get anyone's hopes up too high just yet, specifying that they're "asking for resumes to have on file" in preparation for setting up eventual interviews.

Still, the buildout may go faster than expected now that it's finally humming along, and now is the time to impress if working with these guys sounds like something you could get into.

Southstar Lofts

521 South Broad Street, , PA 19147 (215) 546-7827 Visit Website