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Serious Eats Tries to Name Philly's Best Roast Pork Sandwiches, Nails It

Luckily, our roast pork impressed more than our cheesesteaks.


Last month, Serious Eats ranked Philly cheesesteaks, and it did not go exceedingly well. They could only muster four recommendations, the choices were odd — and while they were exceedingly thorough, measured, and polite in their word choice, the general idea and execution of the Philly cheesesteak failed to hold up under such intense scrutiny.

Now, they're back at it with roast pork — and thankfully, these sandwiches went down much more easily. (But surely not too easily: The intro to this piece seems to state that both taste tests were accomplished on a single trip to Philly, totaling "50-odd sandwiches in the space of 60 hours." Color us impressed.) And author Niki Achitoff-Gray came up with a nice list that encompasses different styles and hits on many of the best.

Best Cheffy Roast Pork:
High Street on Market

Best Pulled Roast Pork:

Best Chunky Roast Pork:

Best Classic Roast Pork:
· John's
· Dinic's
· Campo's

For all the pros and cons and gory details, check out the full article here.