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Cafe Nhu Y Reincarnated as Lee's Cafe and Bistro

The beloved banh mi have found a shiny new home, where seating is still comfortingly scarce.


When Cafe Nhu Y shuttered last spring, word from the owners was that they intended to open a new, larger cafe on Washington Avenue to replace it. Now, that spot is open, and the Passyunk Post stopped by for a look inside.

Christened Lee's Cafe and Bistro, the new space is almost disconcertingly shiny and, while it still only has room for one table, it looks positively cavernous compared to the old digs. Slick backlit signs replace the old menus scrawled on paper tacked to the walls.There are all sorts of croissants and other treats offered in addition to the menu of banh mi sandwiches.

See all the Post's info and pictures here. The cafe's Facebook page also has a wealth of photos, particularly of the food available.

Lee's Cafe and Bistro

522 Washington Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19147 (267) 273-0922