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Border Springs Farm Stand at Reading Terminal Transforming Into La Divisa Meats

Chef-charcutier Nick Macri bought the shop and will expand its range.

The shop's new signs.
The shop's new signs.

The Border Springs Farm stand at Reading Terminal has changed hands and is about the branch out beyond lamb, as reported this week by Michael Klein. Nick Macri, who had been operating the stand for Border Springs' owner-shepherd Craig Rogers, is setting up shop as La Divisa Meats and expanding the shop's focus to add Country Time pork, Birchrun Hills Farm veal, and a vastly expanded selection of Macri's own charcuterie.

La Divisa will debut on Monday, January 5.

Macri, who was executive chef at Southwark before making the move to the butcher life, is already well-known as one of Philly's best charcutiers. The new product list on La Divisa's site is impressive in length and includes cooked and cured charcuterie from various traditions. Amongst others, the shop will be selling its own pancetta and pork roll, several types of salami and bacon, and the Hennepin coppa that won Macri the HopChef Philly title in 2013.

Though the stand had already ceased serving made-to-order lunch items earlier this year, it will continue to offer a selection of premade items for takeout, ranging from ramen broth to baby back ribs.

La Divisa Meats, 51 N.12th St. (at Reading Terminal Market), (215) 627-2100, opens Jan. 5. Hours: Monday through Saturday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.; Sunday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.