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The Annual Pliny the Younger Watch Begins

The kegs won't be tapped for a while yet, but the seeds of frenzy for the coveted Russian River beer are already being sown.

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Early March is the typical window for the all-too-brief roll-out of Russian River Brewing's sought-after Pliny the Younger, and Philly Tap Finder this week confirms that the 2015 release should be similar to what we saw last year. According to PTF's info, the beer will be released at Russian River's own brewpub on February 6 — very much in line with last year's release date of February 7. The beer will ship to points within California a few days later, and Philly's relatively few coveted kegs will be sent out later in the month.

PTF even helpfully includes a list of the bars where Pliny the Younger popped up last year, with a note that this year's list will likely look similar.

Is it insane to consider the regularly scheduled release of a single beer a news item? Sure it is. But it's also pretty nuts how quickly events featuring the limited brew sell out. (An earlier post on PTF's blog shows just how high the local demand is for Russian River in general.)

So if you want to make sure not to miss out in 2015, it couldn't hurt to keep this info in the back of your mind. And if, hypothetically, you were to give a Twitter follow now to Philly Tap Finder and some of your favorite bars on the list above, you'll be that much more likely to be first in line when the blessed day arrives.