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$44.49 and an Ebay Account Gets You a Very Little Piece of Le Bec-Fin

Sauce your food in style.

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Le Bec, shuttered.
Le Bec, shuttered.

Welcome to Classic Week's Long Lost Lamented Restaurants Power Hour.

Breaking news for serious Le Bec-Fin junkies: This Ebay seller has some small, tarnished silver-plated pots up for grabs that purport to have once been touched by employees of Le Bec-Fin. A set of two goes for just $44.49, with shipping included. Think of all the things you could sauce tableside, while dreaming of fancier times.

The same seller also has a stray LBF pan lid for sale, but don't go getting your hopes up too high about displaying them as a set: It's a 9-inch lid, which would perch rather precariously atop the aforementioned pots.

Personally, we'll be saving our pennies in case we see one of these hit the black market:

[Photo: Jessica Rossi/Flickr]