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Eater's Fourth Annual Cocktail Week Starts Today

Welcome to Eater's fourth annual Cocktail Week, starting today on Eater Philly, and throughout the rest of the Eater universe.

It's pumpkin season. That time of year when an onslaught of craft breweries, microbreweries, nanobreweries, and micro-nanobreweries all release their coveted pumpkin beers. It's great for just a few short weeks, and then we're pretty much all pumpkin'd out. So, for the sake of softening the blow, we're slicing right through pumpkin season with Cocktail Week 2015.

Today, we released a map of Philly's most essential cocktail bars: from cocktail-focused bars, to restaurants that just make them really, really well. Stay tuned this week for the best guide to Philly's snazziest cocktails this city's ever seen.