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What's On the Menu at La Casa de tu Madre

Jason Evenchick re-conceptualizes his Bella Vista gastropub.

La Casa de tu Madre/Facebook

Yesterday marked the opening night of La Casa de tu Madre, Bella Vista's newest Mexican restaurant and bar. A few weeks ago, Jason Evenchik (Heritage, Time, Garage, Vintage) closed his Bella Vista gastropub, Growlers, for a complete overhaul.

La Casa de tu Madre's (translated to "your mother's house") chef, Michael Thomas, devised a menu of every neighborhood Mexican restaurant hits: nachos, tacos, enchiladas, and the like. As for drinks, think of the usuals: various margaritas, palomas, tap sangrias etc., as well as some re-imaginings: Roberto Royo, a mezcal take on the grandmother beloved Rob Roy, and the scarcely found Tequila Sunrise — straight out of the playbook.

Check out the drink and food menu here:

la casa madre
la casa food

La Casa De Tu Madre

800 Fitzwater St, Philadelphia, PA 19147