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Ruth Reichl Visited Philly, And Here's Where Twitter Recommended She Ate

Philadelphia restaurant-advice bar-graphs and charts, courtesy of an Eater reader.

Yesterday, the famous food critic and writer Ruth Reichl paid a visit to Philadelphia, and upon her arrival she tweeted:

It soon became a Tweet heard 'round the city. After just a few hours, hundreds of responses were sent her way. And for the fun of it, Adam, an Eater reader/amateur statistician, decided to compile the information into a few graphs"I counted every public reply to Ruth Reichl's tweet about where to eat in Philly and looked for some trends. This was dumb and stupid but there is no way I was the only person who was wondering."

In terms of votes (not including any restaurant or owner that recommended themselves), Zahav beat out High Street on Market by three votes:

reichl graph1

Then Adam took it a step further: under the scrutiny of a food writer and critic, where do people recommend others go eat?

reichl graph 2

And lastly, who are the big dog chef/restaurateurs Philadelphians love to love?

reichl graph3

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