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Catelli Duo Replaces Osteria in Moorestown Mall

Osteria NJ/Facebook

Marc Vetri had faith in the suburban mall concept. He, along with Jose Garces, opened second generations of their successful Philly concepts: Vetri's Osteria and Garces' Distrito. From the get-go, Jersey's Osteria recieved three bells from Craig LaBan, but after a re-review for LaBan's birthday dinner, the team dropped both the ball and a bell. Vetri wrote a Huffington Post article, and capped it with this quibble:

In Philadelphia, they have threatened that once they have published a review and graded a restaurant, they reserve the right to go back a couple months later and with one visit change the ratings however they deem fit. Sounds a little bit like journalistic bullying to me.

That's when all Hell broke loose.

Now, a year and a half later, Osteria is shutting its doors only to be replaced by the second location of already-Jersey-successful Catelli Duo, set to open sometime in November 2015.


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