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UPDATE: Steve the Pickle Man Stabbed In Neck

Founder of Zayda's brand of spicy pickles, condiments, and jerky was robbed and stabbed in his car this past weekend.

Zayda's Brand

Update: Steven Slutsky, the man who previously claimed he was randomly mugged and stabbed in the neck for $400, changed his story. After a second interview with detectives, Slutsky confessed the attack was by his friend, Edward Rouda, whom Slutsky owed $500. More on the story here.

Daily News reported today that Steven Slutsky, Philly comedian (stage name: Steve the Pickle Man) and co-owner of Zayda's, was stabbed in the neck inside of his car Saturday night. According to Hahnemann University Hospital, Slutsky is in good condition.

At 10:50 p.m., two men approached Slutsky's car, grabbed his car keys, stabbed him in the neck and ran off with $400. The attacker was described as a Hispanic male, 5'9", around 200 lb., wearing black clothing.