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Look Inside Buckminster's, Opening This Sunday in Point Breeze

Check out Philly's first geodesic-inspired restaurant.

Buckminster's interior is truly one of a kind. Really, the entire concept of the restaurant is one of a kind, but the interior really stands out, especially in the depths of Point Breeze. Michael and Jeniphur Pasquarello (Cafe Lift, Kensington Quarters, Prohibition Taproom) named his restaurant after Buckminster Fuller, the architect, designer, and inventor a step ahead of the curve back in the 1950s. Why name a restaurant after a scientist/inventor/philosopher/designer/author?

"He just had a really cool name," says Pasquarello. After initially being enamored by Fuller's first name, he did a bit of follow-up research on "Bucky". Pasquarello felt inspired by the man's progressive world sensibilities, and hopes to maintain that spirit through chef Rob Marzinsky's food (menu here) and the restaurant's design.

Inside Buckminster's is an ode to mid-century modern, with murals of Fuller's drawings, vintage chairs and shelving, and geometrically shaped pendant lighting. It's truly a sight to see, and fortunately, you can do it right here, sitting at your computer. After that, hit up this Buckminster's hype-video, courtesy of Ryan Scott Photography:

Check out this video of our spot made by the amazing @ryanscottphoto! #Buckminstersphl #ryanscottphoto #pointbreeze

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