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Gordon Ramsay Made Midnight Snacks at High Street on Market Last Night

Three MasterChef Junior contestants, chef-powerhouse Christina Wilson, and the British chef made popcorn, grilled cheese, and scrambled eggs.

Gordon Ramsay cooking with kids
Gordon Ramsay cooking with kids

Three children, a local rockstar chef, and a 3-Michelin starred chef took over High Street on Market last night, at midnight, when nobody was looking.

In celebration of ABC's Good Morning America 40th anniversary, the station ran 40 hours of continuous programming — 30 minutes of it being a live shoot of MasterChef Junior. Chefs Gordon Ramsay and home-girl Christina Wilson helped the three kid-testants, Derek, Jesse and Kaitlyn cook up a menu of midnight snacks: fancy popcorn, Ramsay's world-famous scrambled eggs (this time topped with shaved white Alba truffles), and five-slice-high grilled cheese sandwiches, of course, crafted on High Street's bread.

Christina Wilson, Season 10 winner on Hell's Kitchen, now Ramsay's right-hand chef, and executive chef of the U.S. division of Gordon Ramsay Group, was in her hometown finishing up a shoot for an episode of Hotel Hell at a Bucks County hotel called Brick HotelWilson chose High Street on Market because she used to cook at Fork before her big break. The taping ended with a heartwarming Ramsay shout-out to Eater Philly's 2015 Chef of the Year, Eli Kulp.

High Street on Market

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