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Why The Farm and Fisherman's Butchering Classes Are Important

Spend your Sundays learning how to break down pigs, game meats, and poultry.

This winter, Josh Lawler, chef-owner of The Farm and Fisherman, will turn his dining room into a butcher shop, with 20 seats facing the carving action (see dates and prices below).

This news comes not too long after Russet's Instagram-documentation of a live-slaughter hosted at Wyebrook Farms. At the heartbeat of the Philly dining scene are farm-driven restaurants that have made their name and living depending heavily on the vegetable and animal sourcing from local Pennsylvania and New Jersey farms. The Farm and Fisherman, and Russet, and places like Kensington Quarters and Green Aisle Grocery, have taken it upon themselves to lift the veil on what, to some, might be considered a "trend", hoping to eventually embed the conception of animal-conscientiousness into Philadelphia's food culture permanently.

The Farm and Fisherman's butchering classes, which usually go for about two hours, are $125 a person (gratuity not included) and begin at noon. After the demonstration, a follow-up four-course meal highlighting the different techniques and preparations of the broken-down beast will be served. Class dates go as follows:

  • January 17 - Pork
  • January 31 - Earl Keiser's Poultry Class (Earl Keiser, of Earl Keiser's Pheasantry, will join the class to share his story of building and operating a pastured poultry farm in Glen Rock, PA)
  • February 21 - Game Meats
  • February 28 - Pork

For more information or to reserve your place, call the restaurant or email

The Farm And Fisherman BYOB

1120 Pine Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107 267-687-1555