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Saveur Shows Brigantessa Some Off-The-Menu Pizza Love

Remember that clam pizza?

By now, you should know all about Brigantessa's funky pizza shapes. Joe Cicala brought the most authentic Neapolitan pie to Philadelphia, and then proved to us that pizza can be anything you want it to be. Now, Drew Lazor is letting the rest of the country in on it:

Though they're not on the menu, Cicala has the capability to make a number of weird pizzas, accessible so long as one can vaguely describe them to a server or bartender. The chef's proper Neapolitan dough—nothing more than Italian double-zero flour, water, yeast, and sea salt—gets warped into a bread vessel of sorts for La Conchiglia, a hollow pizza pita he fills with a mess of steamed clams. For the Tranchetto, he twists a cheese-topped dough round up like a blunt, bakes it and dresses the log with bitter greens and two-year-old prosciutto. For the indecisive, there's the humbly named Il Meravigliao (The Marvel)—a half-folded calzone hybrid that combines the toppings of three different pizzas onto a singular canvas.

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