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UPDATE: Susanna Foo's SUGA Will Open Next Month

The James Beard Award winner is coming home.


The impending, triumphant return of Susanna Foo to Center City is an exciting one. Her new Sansom Street restaurant, SUGA, opens sometime in January at 1720 Sansom Street. After 22 years garnering national acclaim for her Walnut Street restaurant Susanna Foo and her now-closed Radnor restaurant, Susanna Foo Gourmet Kitchen, Foo and her son Gabriel (there's the name for you: Su[sanna]Ga[briel]) are deviating from their Asian-fusion roots. Now shooting for a more straight-forward Chinese approach, the Foos will keep SUGA modern by way of French cooking technique and partnerships with local farms for ingredients.

Mongolian-born Foo called upon Eimer Design to convey her heritage and background through natural woods, street vendor-inspired hanging golden orbs, and a custom illustration of a woman in traditional Mongolian garb. The restaurant will seat 80 including two private dining rooms. Traditional and regional teas will make up part of the drink menu, accompanied by a wine and cocktail list designed by Gabriel Foo.

Hit up the restaurant's Facebook page for some photo-tease. Make sure to check back for interior shots closer to opening.

Update: According to a SUGA representative, due to some delay in construction, the restaurant's opening will now be sometime within the first two weeks of February. Additionally, the menus, teased by's Michael Klein here, are now a bit outdated. Susanna and Gabriel have done some tinkering, and a new menu will be released sometime next week. Stay tuned.


1720 Sansom St, Philadelphia, PA 19103, USA