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Washington Post Names Philadelphia #6 Food City In The Country

To note: New York and Chicago were #8 and #7, respectively.

Tom Sietsema of the Washington Post toured around the country for over two months, dropping into 271 restaurants, bars, food stores and farmers markets. His goal: find the ten best food cities in America. Landing at number six on the top ten: our fair city, beating out New York, which "disappointed him", as well as Chicago, D.C., and Charleston. Portland was crowned the number one spot, and right behind it, San Fransisco. Check out Philly's little blurb here:

Armchair diners know Philadelphia for its cheesesteaks, Reading Terminal Market, good Italian reputation and BYOB restaurants: plentiful tradition, in other words. "Philly is very aware of its image as a blue-collar town," says Don Russell, known to readers of the Philadelphia Daily News as Joe Sixpack. "No drink evokes that better than beer." Small wonder he counts 50 or so breweries in the area. Scratch that workingman surface, however, and you'll encounter riches including ambitious vegetarian restaurants, contemporary Jewish standard-bearers and neighborhoods not previously known for their eats - funky Fishtown and East Passyunk - growing more delicious by the season. (For a taste of today's Amsterdam, check out the cozy Noord Eetcafe.) Helping fuel the fun: entrepreneur Stephen Starr, whose 21 local restaurants pulled in 2.6 million patrons last year. Williams-Sonoma has nothing on the charm and variety stocked by Fante's Kitchen Shop in the historic Italian Market. Bottom line: The City of Brotherly Love knows how to cook, eat and drink.

Read the full recap of Sietsema's food-fueled tour 'round Philadelphia, published back in July.