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South Philly Barbacoa Expands Its Collaborative Right-to-Work Events

Check out the line-up of Philly all-stars joining the movement.

Photo by Derrick Woodyard

A few months ago Eater told you about Ben Miller and Cristina Martinez's (of South Philly Barbacoa) efforts to start a conversation about the rights of undocumented immigrants in the restaurant industry. It was chef Elijah Milligan's (H2O Kitchen) idea, at one of their meetings, to host a dinner to rally their allies from Philly's food community. The group held their first event in late November at Nomad Pizza, prepared by Milligan, Nick Macri of La Divisa, Cristina Martinez of South Philly Barbacoa, and Calvin Okunoye of the Restaurant Opportunities Centers Philly.

Now, the group is planning a series of four more events to ring in 2016, and some of the city's biggest industry names have signed on to show their support. All dinners will be BYOB and pay-what-you-can, whether you're a high-roller, a foodie, a cook, or a dishwasher. The group is still seeking volunteers from the restaurant community: farmers to donate food, extra hands in the kitchen, and help to serve tables and wash dishes. Reservations can be made here.

When: January 4
Where: Isaiah Zagar’s Studio (1002 Watkins Street)
Music: King Sound Vibration
Participating Cooks:

  • Han Chiang - Han Dynasty
  • Giovanni Flores - The Dandelion
  • Ana Caballero - High Street on Market
  • Artt Ward - Smokin' Betty's
  • Damon Menapace - Kensington Quarters
  • Vegetables from Tom Culton

When: January 18
Where: South Philly Barbacoa
Music: Moor Mother Goddess
Participating Cooks:

  • Cristina & Brad Spence - Amis
  • Konstantinos Pitsillides - Kanella South
  • Nick Elmi - Laurel

When: February 1
Where: Upstairs at Jose Pistolas
Music: TBD
Participating Cooks:

  • Barbie Marshall
  • Adeo Rufino - Buena Onda
  • Joey Baldino - Zeppoli
  • Mike Traud - Drexel University Hospitality & Tourism Management
  • Adan Trinidad - Jose Pistola's & Sancho Pistolas

When: February 15
Where: Chhaya Café
Music: TBD

Participating Cooks:

  • George Sabatino - Aldine
  • Sam Jacobson - Stargazy
  • Scott Schroeder - South Philly Tap Room, American Sardine Bar, Hungry Pigeon
  • Lucio Palazzo - Loco Pez

South Philly Barbacoa

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