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Pork Emporium, PIG, Will Open In Northern Liberties

"I will never need to purchase butter because it comes from a cow," says PIG's chef, Joseph Shilling.

Joseph Shilling/Facebook

Verdad-owner Nick Farina opened Union Taco across from 7th and Girard back in 2013, and then a year later, converted it to a revolving pop-up restaurant space called EAT. Now, he's converting it once more to an actual fast-casual restaurant named PIG, its kitchen helmed by chef Joseph Shilling.

Opening later this month, the now pink-painted 25 seater will offer all things pork, and nothing but. Shilling vows to keep any dairy to an absolute minimum (leave that for the cow-cookers), using bacon grease in its place. The menu will be comprised of regionally-inspired sandwiches like the Miami Cubano, Philly Italian, or Carolina barbecued pulled pork, as well as more entrée-like options like grilled pork "lolli-chops" and smoked ham chops. But look out for the bone-chilling names of certain menu items: "Oink Oink Burger", "Three Little Piggy's Meatballs", and our personal favorite, "Pigpen Slop" — a chocolate mousse, crushed cookie, salted caramel dessert.

Shilling plans to hire as many culinary students as possible, "giving a job to help someone pay off their debt"— a valiant commitment for this day and age. This will be Farina's third attempt at making this space a success, and with Philly being such a pork-hungry city, the odds are in his favor.


712 W Girard Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19123, USA