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Aqimero Taking Over 10 Arts At The Ritz-Carlton

This will be restaurant mogul Richard Sandoval's first Philadelphia restaurant.

Richard Sandoval

Last year, there were some rumblings regarding a Richard Sandoval restaurant taking over 10 Arts in the Ritz-Carlton. Now slated for a $24 million redesign, the hotel will bring on new guest rooms, a refreshed lobby space, and the confirmed new restaurant, Aqimero.

The Latin American restaurant will be chef Richard Sandoval's first introduction to Philadelphia, with numerous other restaurants around the world, from California to Miami, Mexico to Qatar. The 206 seat space will be fueled by a wood-fired grill focusing on sustainable seafood and steaks, complemented by a raw bar serving sushi and ceviche.

As for Ten Arts, the restaurant will continue its tenure until May 2016, the same month Aqimero plans to open.


10 Ave Of The Arts, Philadelphia, PA 19102, USA