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Take Home Parc's Buche de Noel For The Holidays

Logs have never looked sexier.

Abby Dahan, pastry chef extraordinaire at Parc in Rittenhouse, was born and trained in France, where you'll find a Buche de Noel in every store window during the holidays. With Parc being a traditional French brasserie, Dahan aims to keep the tradition alive, offering them for dessert at the restaurant, and to take home for any at-home festivities.

How it's made:

  • A half inch-thick chocolate genoise, or chocolate sponge cake, gets laid out on a pan lined with parchment paper, and then soaked with chocolate syrup.
  • A layer of Valrhona crunchy praline gets spread across the cake, and then another layer of salted caramel butter cream on top.
  • The cake is rolled, soaked again in chocolate syrup, and then covered in salted caramel buttercream.
  • Colorful mushrooms, leaves, and holly berries made of merengue and fondant are poked into the log, with gold leaf scattered on top.

A small log (serves four), it's $35, and a large one (serves eight) is $70. Order between now and the December 15, and pick-up is on the 23rd anytime after noon. Call into Parc for a pre-order.


227 South 18th Street, , PA 19103 (215) 545-2262 Visit Website