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The Melting Pot Plans to Exit Center City

The Convention Center-adjacent chain fondue restaurant is on its way out.

MSC Retail

Tampa-based fondue chain The Melting Pot will yank the cord on its Center City location, according to a report today from the Insider, with doors likely to close sometime this summer.

An MSC Retail flyer shopping the location around touts a total 5,798 square feet, prime Chili's-adjacent frontage, and generically grim interiors that call to mind a hotel conference room, if your hotel's conference room were thoughtfully dotted with cheese-warming receptacles:

[Photo: MSC Retail]

Those tabletop pots of gooey cheese and chocolate dips funded a ten-year run at this location. A spokesperson for the company tells the Insider it will be "relocated," but that may not mean the chain will remain in the city or even terribly nearby. When the Chestnut Hill branch of the Melting Pot closed back in 2009, its management team ended up at a new Warrington location, more than half an hour's drive away.

The Melting Pot

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