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Here Are Our Favorite Would-Be Flavors From Weckerly's #PintOfTheWeek Contest

This may be your only chance to add "ice cream inventor" to your resume.


The nice folks at Weckerly's want you to be happy, they want you to live your dreams, and they want to put your face on a pint of ice cream. It could all happen if you're the one who dreams up the best new flavor idea for their second annual #PintOfTheWeek contest, but if you want in, you'll have to be quick: The contest ends today, February 3.

To enter, email Weckerly's or direct your idea to any of their social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram), and hashtag it #pintoftheweek where appropriate. Here are the prizes and very official rules:

1) The pint of ice cream is named after you.
2) Your face is on the label.
3) 3 Pints (local only)
4) International Bragging Rights
Submit your flavors now through Tuesday. No limit. Last year a six-year-old won.

As for what you're up against, some great ideas have already been submitted, involving things like cornbread, roasted fruits, olive oil, and French burnt peanuts. Also, there are all of these things:

(Well, does it or does it not have pound cake pieces? These are your ice cream dreams, people — this is not the time to be wishy-washy.)

(What is the connection here? This is a real question.)

Surprisingly few entries involving meat, and all of them bacon, so if you're looking for an underserved niche to fill, perhaps consider a more inventive choice of protein (think Spam, probably):

And, less surprisingly, so many involving alcohol, especially wine:

Finally, of course, this guy: