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PYT's Year-Long Burger-A-Day Groupon Deal Might Just Kill You

The 97% discount is the notorious burger shop's way of announcing its expansion to NYC.

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Terrifying stunt burgers aren't the only thing PYT's got on lock. They've also got a pretty good handle on quasi-philanthropic stunt-burger stunts, as shown by this Groupon offer for a pass that entitles the holder to one burger and fries every day for a year, for the low, low cost of $144.

By PYT's own math, based on the average menu item, that represents a 97% discount — as long as you use it every day. That's roughly 40 cents per meal (give or take a few dimes for any days they close up shop), whether it involves deep-fried Hot Pockets or Eggo waffles or what.

The alarming bargain is PYT's way of announcing that, following ages of expansion and franchising talk, an NYC shop is finally nearing reality. The terms of the burger pass specify that the NYC location should open in July 2015, though owner Tommy Up has not yet responded to our requests for more details. The pass can be used at either location.

While the Groupon offer still has about two days left to go, PYT also sold some of the "Burger Owner's Cards" directly, though the cards are listed as sold-out via that avenue. The first of the "sleek, hardwood" cards bears the name of Taylor Swift, for reasons that seem so obvious once they've been laid out:

Last summer, when we met T Swift for 15 giddy seconds in a green room we definitely weren't supposed to be in, she asked about PYT in NYC and we got a mailing address. Honestly, it was the highlight of an otherwise non-Taylor Swift moment filled summer. And you just don't forget that.

Kanye West was a close second, but honestly we think he might have been faking backstage at Governor's Ball when he said, "Oh yeah PYT I heard of that!". True story.

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