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South Korean Coffee Shop Caffebene Is Coming to Elkins Park

The chain's first Pennsylvania location will feature bubble tea and Korean desserts.

A shot of one of the chain's New York shops.
A shot of one of the chain's New York shops.
Photo courtesy of Caffebene

This spring, Elkins Park will get the first local look at Caffebene, a coffee shop chain based in South Korea with more than 1600 locations around the globe — including a growing number in the US, mostly around New York and Los Angeles. The first Philly-area location hopes to open by the end of March, on Cheltenham Avenue near Asian grocery mecca H Mart.

In addition to coffee and espresso drinks, Caffebene specializes in bubble tea and a grain-based drink called misugaru. The caffeine-free, multi-grain mix can be sampled hot or cold, in lattes and frappes.

The cafe will also serve food, including a handful of sandwiches but leaning more heavily toward desserts. The sweet selection includes topped waffles and honey bread, gelato, and bingsu, a Korean shaved ice dessert with toppings like fresh fruits or red bean paste.

Caffebene, 1333 West Cheltenham Avenue, Elkins Park, opening spring 2015.